Sunday, 10 July 2011

Irrigation scheme at Antelope

Farmers at Antelope are in the process of a “clean up” exercise of the irrigation canals. The gates were being closed so that water could accumulate in the canals after they had been cleaned. The idea was that where there was once “rubbish and junk”, order is coming. People are taking responsibility for their environment and more of an ownership of what happens in the Antelope community.

Already, the farmers’ spirits are lifted. They can see a physical difference.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Training at Antelope with the farmers

Brendan Smith, Augustine Nyamayaro and Stephen Manhanga went out to Antelope to do spiritual training and look at contracts. This was a follow up and builds on the momentum that was already generated.

Stephen Manhanga spoke on the Parable of the Sower from Matthew 13:1 – 9 and 18 – 23.

Augustine Nyamayaro spoke about the contracts and the 2 points that came out of this discussion is:
1. 10% of all profits that the Beyond Belief farmers are to be given to the local community projects. The farmers were very excited about this as they would be leaving a legacy in the community. They don’t want handouts but want to help their own communities. The hope is that one day the farmers will do it automatically without it being part of a contract.
2. The farmers will work in teams of between 5 and 10. If a farmer makes a loss then they jointly make a loss. It promotes community spirit, team work and accountability by them working together. The purpose was for them not to make a loss but they can actually make more by working together. At first the farmers were very sceptical but eventually they agreed that it was the best point of the whole contract.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What constitutes a happy chicken?

Good question for the Ebenezer graduates.....

The chickens at Ebenezer were weighed this week and they are averaging 1.57kg after 4 weeks instead of the estimated 1.3kg after 4 weeks. A chicken expert from Technoserve visited Ebenezer and said that the only time he has seen chickens looking so healthy, happy and fat were chicken done on a commercial scale under environmentally controlled broiler rooms. He wanted to know what the secret was at Ebenezer especially seeing as there was no electricity or fans?

So what constitutes a happy, healthy and fat chicken at Ebenezer? The graduates pray over the chicks and the Union Brothers sing hymns to them. They sure are applying themselves in every area. The chickens are breaking commercial records in the rural areas. These high standards are on par or even better than the commercial chicken houses. The principles of on time, to standard, without wastage and with joy are applied and this is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and fruitfulness.

How does Beyond Belief, Ebenezer and the Graduates all fit into the healthy, happy, fat chickens? Ebenezer provides the land and the buildings. Beyond belief provides the chickens and the technical support while the graduates provide the labour and it another skill they are leaning. Teamwork is the way forward.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Overview of Beyond Belief so far...

Feedback on chickens by Mxwayisi Dube
1. Generally the chickens are doing well.
2. There are 9 chicken farmers so far.
3. During the first few weeks the main problem that occurred with the chickens was the eye disease but they are now fine.
4. Spiritually - The chicken farmers themselves are fine but they need prayer.
5. Chicken mortality has been low (9 deaths) which is good.
6. Some of the chicken are eating the eggs so their beaks will need to be clipped                                                               

Everything with Beyond Belief is based on Prayer.
a) Prayer: Out of prayer comes relationship.
b) Relationship: It’s not just about the eggs and the tomatoes but people getting to know God. The service is two fold:
c) Service: Technical – fields and chickens and Spiritual – praying for people and getting to know God.
d) Discipleship – what’s it like getting to know God and being a follower of Jesus Christ.
e) Equipped: farmers are equipped with both technical knowhow and spiritual and they will be able to train others.

Every month, 40 farmers will be trained. If each of these 40 farmers has a household of 5 people each, we will impact 200 people and have huge churches.
a) With 40 people, we’ll have a church of 200 people.
b) With 80 people, we’ll have a church of 400 people.
c) With 120 people, we’ll have church of 600 etc

The model farmers will be moving on 1 August 2011. Responsibilities are as follows:
1. Technical side: Mqondisi Moyo
2. Spiritual side: Mkhululi Ncube