Monday, 16 April 2012

Update on chickens from Mxwayisi Dube

Mxwayisi Dube
  1. The first group of 7 layer chicken farmers are in their last month with the layer chickens. In June 2012, each farmer will receive 1000 broiler chickens.
  2. The second group of 6 chicken farmers are doing okay. They are up to 93% with the outlay of eggs.
  3. Beyond Belief is blessing 10 farmers a month with 1000 broiler chickens.
  4. The number of farmers has increased. The aim is to work with 100 farmers. So far, Beyond Belief has 35 in Mablauwuni Village and the rest will come from the surrounding community of Silozwe.
  5. Generally, the chickens are doing real well and theft in the community has stopped.

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